Field Journal: The Boneyard

This whole place was dingy and dirty, you’d see this type of shit in a crackhouse in the slums. Graffiti everywhere, walls falling apart down to their studs, and I’ve seen countless rats crawl by my feet. But there was one thing that stood out most to me was a propaganda picture of Uncle Sam with his eyes scratched out and the words “Uncle Sam can’t save you now” painted out in what looks like blood.

“How did you find this place?” I asked him rather bluntly, there wasn’t much of any conversation between us on the walk to the conference room, I was too afraid to really ask anything because I was afraid he was going to offend him. He looks a bit psychotic, I’m not going to lie to you

“Well at first this hotel was a Legion outpost, my group and I ran them out of town, and the Legion kind of fucked off and left us alone” – He replied “We looked really run down and like we were about to die so I guessed that they left us for dead”

“That’s the difference between them and us, we thrive out here where anything goes. The Legion needs structure, and without that they will fall like a ton of bricks”

We got to the conference room, more graffiti scoured the room, and a lot of newspaper articles cut out of the “NC GAZETTE” with such titles at “LEGION STANDS TALL: NONE SHALL OPPOSE” and “ANOTHER WAR OVER, THE LEGION TAKES SUPREMACY”. There were three people in the room. A man with a straw cowboy hat, a girl in a leather jacket and gloves, and finally a man standing in the darkest corner of the room.

“So this is what the cat dragged in” – the straw hatted cowboy said

“Shut it Rick” Ghost laughed “So Alex, you questioned if I did this myself, and here is your answer’

‘This cowboy hatted fellow right here is Rick” – Ghost puts his hand on Rick’s shoulder, Rick pulled away and came up to me swiftly and he said:

“The names Rick, but call me Shells. If you need something blown up, fixed up, or a Legion Solider fucked up. I’m your guy”

“Good to know, I’ll keep that in mind” – I reply relieved. He had a very firm handshake. Then the girl in the leather coat came over to me and spoke with a British accent:

“I’m Holly, I can talk my way out of anything, and kill cold-blooded on the drop of a dime”

“Well then” I reply hesitantly

“And that’s Shadow, I don’t really know where he came from but we call him Shadow because he can sneak in anywhere without detection” – Shells says sarcastically

“I’ll take your word on it” – I say. Shadow seemed like the type of guy you would never want to fuck with.

“Follow me” Ghost says “I want to show you something”

I follow him up a ladder that led to a view of the Legion HQ in the distance

“You want to know why I take people in, and make everything feel like as close to a family as possible? Because of that” He points to a giant building far off in the distance, give it 25 miles.

“That right there is the Legion HQ, and we are going to take it down” – Ghost said that a lot more confidently than I would have expected. 

“What are you talking about? They are a lot stronger than us” – I say questioningly

“They have a weakness believe it or not. We take out the leader, and they do not have order. They fall apart without order”

“I see, and who is their leader?” – I said 

“Alex, this man’s name is Jed, let me tell you a little bit about him” – he says. And then we go back down to the conference room and he pulls out the biggest folder I’ve ever seen


Field Journal: Day One


I managed to find this book of empty paper, and a pen. I figured I might as well write this down, in hopes that one day someone will see this and try to make a difference

It didn’t seem real at first, like my mind was tricking me in to believing that this could be possible. After all of this, after all that’s happened. This sanctuary seemed like the furthest thing from real.

Let me take it back a little while to fill you in on what happened:

The year was 2067 in good old America, white picket fences, blue collar nose to the grindstone type of place you know. Sunday afternoon football, and an ice cold beer. All seemed well until President Reynolds suddenly resigned. Everyone was stunned, and before we knew it The Legion took over with an iron fist. God only knows what they had on that poor bastard, probably slept with another woman. The first lady would have him hung if that was the case. I guess he didn’t want to have another Clinton media scandal so the old man took a step down.

Ever since The Legion took over this place has become nothing less of a slave ring, I’m not just talking about in North Carolina, I heard there was prison camps all over The States. Slowly taking away all of our freedom, and leaving everyone as hollow bodies. Being in one of those camps must feel like death.

I was one of the lucky ones. I got away before they could take me in. I’ve been roaming this land alone avoiding imprisonment ever since.

So fast forward to present day, March 13th/ 2072, five years after this all started. I was roaming my way through the East Coast when I came across this symbol embezzled in to a wall. Like an “A” painted on to the sheet metal on the side of the building with the arrow pointing north. I didn’t know what it was or where it came from. But my gut told me to go for it, and I’m damn well glad that I did.

I traveled about 50 clicks north, following the arrows, and it led me to an old abandoned hotel in the middle of no where. The building was falling apart, it looked like no one had been in there in years. Although there was a big “A” logo written on the door as I approached.

So I knocked, and it was at that point where my life would change forever, I was once a lone wolf, but I was now considered part of a brotherhood. A man answered the door, he was ripped, and had a scar under his eye, with a tattoo of that same “A” logo on both of his wrists. I guess I must not have looked all that threatening to him, because he let me in right away without saying a word. He led me down a hallway, which had a lot of graffiti, and blacked out windows. Then out of no where this man spoke up:

“How did you find us”

“I followed the arrows that started back down in Raleigh, came down through the straits, and they led me here” I said anxiously

“Well then, it looks like they’re working. We haven’t had a new guy in years.” he said confidently. The man he didn’t have an extremely deep voice, but you can tell that he was a very authoritative type of person.

“I’m Ghost” said the man “and I’m the leader of the Axis”

“Oh, so that’s what that logo represents” I say relieved

“Yeah man, I started the Axis back when all of this bullshit with The Legion started, I managed to escape like you did. What’s your name my friend?”

“The name’s Alex” I say a bit more confidently now that Danny seems like a stand up guy. It feels nice to talk to someone now after 5 years of seclusion.

“Well Alex, you came to the right place” Ghost said “This is one of the safest places to be, we here like to call this “The Boneyard”

“We?” I said questioningly

“What? Did you think I could run this place on my own. I have a team of rejects who have been with me since I stared. Here, let me take you to them.